Remembering No.5 from the 1950s

Yesterday I visited Bonnington Square for the first time in over 50years. My grandmother lived at No.5 for a few years until her death in 1954. Her sister, my great Aunt, moved to No.35 prior to 1911 (she is shown on the census for that year) until her death in in the 1960s I have distinct memories of visiting 35. I would like to say thank you to the very kind lady, whose name unfortunatley I did not get, who took photographs of me outside my grandmother’s house and showed my round the delightful gardens. I believe the owner of the shop will know the lady to whom I refer.

I have many very happy childhood memories of visit No.35. My mother who is nearly 89 is thrilled with the photographs I took. the lady who helped had a Scottish accent and said she had been in Bonnington Square for about 3yrs having move, i think, from north London.

If you happen to be that person please get in touch with us or Susan Hall [email protected]